At Harvey Pranian, what we do is driven more by our visual sense than by the boundaries of age, form, function, provenance, tradition. We are always looking for objects that stir, move, attract and speak to us. It’s a visual/ aesthetic orientation, seeking the magic, mystery, and wonder of design or shape or form. It is not about what we bring to an object of art that attracts us. Rather it is what it brings to us.

Welcome to Antique Design

Harvey Art & Antiques specializes in American art and antiques from the 18th to the mid-20th century, with an emphasis on objects of history, design, imagination, and surprise. We focus on American folk art, colored furniture, American Indian art, antique jewelry, and fine quilts. sikhlionz

We're interested in things with magic and power that go beyond the traditional concepts of beauty and art and that literally transcend the limits of pure functionality that can be reached beyond them. 

American Indian & Tribal Art

"American Indian & Tribal Art" is a term referring to works of art created by Native Americans and various tribes around the world. These works mainly reflect the culture, traditions, religion, and everyday life of a particular region, and they have unique artistic styles and techniques..


Native and tribal art plays an important role in exploring and understanding the history, identity, and myths of that culture. These works are often culturally and artistically valued, and are also popular with collectors and art lovers. Sikhism


Tribal art has an element of power and integrity unencumbered by the “marketplace”. The influence of tribal art on well-known and contemporary artists is undisputed. Whether for ceremony, utility or special occasion a keen sense of purity and inspiration is often revealed in the objects of native peoples.



Art, sculpture & antiques

"Art, Sculpture & Antiques" is a collective term for works of art, sculptures, and items of value from the past. Each element plays an important role in the art market. Guru Nanak Dev 

Art, sculpture, and antiques are all important parts of the art market, contributing to the exploration of human creativity and history through art and design. They also have cultural and artistic values, which play an important role for collectors and art lovers.

The Art, Sculpture and Antiques we offer are inspired by good design and the collaboration of visual elements. We look for objects that stir, move, and speak to us. And with our experience of 42 years, we insist on integrity at every level. Guru Angad Dev Ji


Folk & Outsider Art

"Folk & Outsider Art" is a subgenre of art that refers mainly to works dealing with a style or theme that is not traditional or general. These include works that are created by the general public with no traditional art education, or that reflect cultural or regional traditions. Traditional and outsider art are often viewed as similar types of works, but there are some differences.

Both traditional and outsider art have unique perspectives and approaches, contributing to enjoying the diversity of artistic expressions. They are often popular in the art market, and are considered interesting works by many people due to their non-traditional styles and themes. 

Folk, Outsider and Visionary Art celebrates the self-taught artist whose work presents us with the possibility of discovery, surprise, and the unexpected. Finding something completely fresh and different, the magic appears in various forms, shapes, and mediums. And each has its story, sometimes self-evident, sometimes not.



Textiles is produced through a variety of processing processes, which can include weaving, printing, and dyeing. Textiles is used in many industries, including furniture, household items, and accessories, as well as clothing manufacturing, and is often used in artwork and design.

Textiles also play an important role historically and culturally, and the fibers and patterns traditionally used in a particular region or culture are considered important factors reflecting the culture and identity of the region.

Whether old or contemporary, we continue to look for good design, the arrangement of interesting visual elements, good balance and composition, and a keen use of shapes and colors.

Whether old or contemporary, we continue to look for good design, the arrangement of interesting visual elements, good balance and composition, and a keen use of shapes and colors.


We specialize in American Folk Art, American Furniture with original surfaces, Outsider Art, African American and Amish quilts, Tramp Art, 20th Century Design, Whirligigs, Weathervanes, Paintings, Hooked rugs, Walking Sticks and Canes, Signs, and Advertising.